Sunday, 10 June 2007


leave a message or comment for me and i wil get bak to u.

comment all u like i wont mind if u call me doughy fat belly, i will enjoy it.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

some random pix of me about 3 years ago

i was very light and skinny bak then but my all butter and pastry diet said otherwise and changed that.

Some random fat woman pix

Hey boys

hey boys im single, sexy, fat, i never get full, im over 400lbs and i want feeding. leave a messsage and i will get bak to u......... and if u want leave another saying if u want me to gain more or not. also tel me wat photos u want to see(sry no rude stuff)

Hey Girls

hey girls, if u are a bbw or ssbbw then leave a message with ur weight and age and a sexy fat photo of u. and if is good enough..... u wil go on my blog for good.


this woman gianed 150lbs in under a year. she has done a wise and good thing

pix of me

These are some sexy pictures of me.